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Samsung Funhouse

Samsung wanted a little demo station to show off the Samsung Galaxy at a music festival. So we created the most show-off and memorable phone demo they could get for their money. 

The Samsung Funhouse was an immersive experience that consisted of various crazy rooms where people were given a phone in their hand and could walk around and learn about different features of the phone in a fun interactive way.

To showcase the facial recognition technology in the phone, we created the very first live faceswap, (waaay before Snapchat!). To demonstrate how you could wirelessly transfer files from phone to phone, you could send an image to another 'magic' phone which totally transform the rooms walls using projection mapping. We created the perfect selfie opportunity to show off the camera, by turning a room completely upside down. Lastly we created a really fun wac-a-mole style game that showcased the NFC chip technology in the device. 

My role involved concepting, designing and producing the whole experience.

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